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The Cookbook Project: Saag Paneer

So here we are at the first recipe installment of The Cookbook Project. Yippee! Last week I told you about Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking book and my history with Indian food. This week we're making saag paneer, a lovely spinach and cheese dish.

For copyright purposes I'm not typing out the recipe verbatim. You can find the book in your local library if this inspires you to cook.

Saag paeer can be made with a wide variety of greens, but for most American palates, spinach is easiest.

I started by chopping up ginger, garlic and green chili in a food processor. My food processor wasn't quite able to make it a paste; you can easily buy a ginger-garlic paste in an Indian grocery store. Now I understand why it's available for sale. I thought of macerating it in the mortar and pestle but didn't bother. I don't think it had a significant effect on the final product beyond the occasional burst of ginger in the mouth.

From there I fried cubes o…

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