Spicy brownies

Can I just say I *love* sweet and spicy or sweet and salty?

Thanks. I needed to say that.

This past weekend I made brownies for a potluck. I used my current favorite brownie recipe (the one on the Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate package) and then added spices.

Oh. Oh oh oh were they good.

I often add a bit of chili powder but this time I added Indian spices and the brownies filled my whole mouth with long, lingering flavor and heat. Almost everyone at the potluck liked them, a few people thought they were too much, that's okay.

Roughly speaking, here's what to do:

Make a batch of brownies.
When the batter is ready add a spice blend, including:
- Cardamom
- Cinnamon
- Cloves
- Black Pepper
- Ginger
- Nutmeg

- Chili (not much)
I can't tell you how much of each I added, I kept pouring it into my hand, blending and adding the mix about a teaspoon at a time. Alternatively, buy some Indian tea spice powder and use that.
Keep mixing it in and tasting it.
Bake as usual.
Enjoy. Mmmmm.....

(c) 2008 Laura S. Packer


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