I scream

you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Last night I went to Toscanini's for a storytelling event. While I listened to some good tales I had one of my favorite decadent ice creams - butter chip. No, it doesn't have chips of frozen butter. Well, kind of no. Let me start at the beginning.

Tosci's makes luscious ice cream. The building is cool and hip, it doesn't smell too sweet as do many ice cream places, the music is good and the furniture is comfortable. And did I mention the ice cream is out of this world? They used to make my favorite ice cream topping in the world, burnt caramel sauce, but not anymore, oh well. I still go for the 'scream. Their flavor selection changes regularly, but they often have some kind of spiced ice cream (cinammon, cardamon, etc) some kind of beer ice cream (Guinness) and all the standards. It's very rich and creamy, just the way ice cream should be.

Except for butter chip. Imagine the best chocolate chip ice cream you've ever had. The chips are large, but not too large, bittersweet chocolate. The ice cream is a dense sweet cream, not vanilla. But it's been over churned a little, so the butterfat just started to condence out. It's ever so slightly lumpy. When you put a spoonful in your mouth, the flavor coats your tongue and palate with a micro-smooth layer of fat as it melts and you crunch into the chocolate pieces. You can feel your heart go ka-thud, both from bliss and from the cholesterol.

It's astonishing that something this contradictory - ice cream that isn't smooth - is this good.

I only have this maybe once a year. But oh. Oh. Oooohhhh. That's enough.

(c) 2008 Laura S. Packer


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