What the world eats

In 2005 Peter Menzel published a book called What the World Eats that captured families and their intake for one day. It's an amazing look at culture, economy, family and health.

You can see some of the pictures from the book here. Every time I look at this I am struck by how wealthy, lucky and unhealthy Americans are.

What do you eat in a day?

(c) 2010 Laura S. Packer


Diandra said…
I saw pictures from this book a few months ago and it was really disturbing. But it was also interesting to see how all the food was presented. In many pictures of "Western families", as far as I recall, all the unhealthy stuff they were eating was hidden somewhere in the background, as if they were feeling ashamed (or guilty?) for going to eat this.
~TrainMama~ said…
I think I am going to love this blog :)!! Thanks for joining my swap!! I'm starting to think I'm a foodie, lol!!


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