The taste of summer

For some people summer means grilling or soft ice cream. For me, it's all about the watermelon. Maybe it's a bit late, writing about summer tastes in late August, but now is the time that I become sentimental for what will vanish in just a few weeks.

I love watermelon. I'm not the only one. Watermelon originated in southern Africa; watermelon seeds were found in Tutankhamen's tomb. It makes sense that these melons evolved in southern Africa; they hold immense amounts of water (92%) and as they over-ripen they crack open, giving the seeds a wet, lucsious place within which to take root. There are stories about watermelon from around the world, ruminations on sweetness and bitterness, Anansi tales where he pretends to be a talking melon, and more.

When I eat watermelon in the summer I am at once a kid again, longing for seeds to spit (curse these seedless watermelons!) and an adult indulging in a forbidden sweet. I love the varied texture and clean sweetness. And I love sprinkling it with salt or feta for one of my favorite taste combinations, sweet and salty.

What's you favorite watermelon tip? I've heard about grilling it but haven't been able to resist it long enough to get it downstairs to the grill. For that matter, what tastes like summer to you?

(c) 2010 Laura Packer


Tim said…
Summer means corn on the cob, and local heirloom tomatoes. For years, the go-to summer dinner at my house has been insalata caprese and corn on the cob.

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