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Here are some of my current favorite sites in the food world. I'd love to know what sites you enjoy, please let me know in the comments section!

  • Chowhound is my first stop for restaurant info, wherever I may be in the world. This is a lively community with highly opinionated posters. It also has cooking and general info boards. Chowhound is a subsection of chow.com, a broader food site with curated recipes, articles, videos and so on. It's also the home of Ruth Bourdain the bastard child of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain. 
  • Like so many, I mourned the loss of Gourmet Magazine. The Gourmet website is great, with well written articles and luscious recipes. It's a bit sales oriented, so you do need to slog through, but I have found some real gems here.
  • Foodgawker is food porn at its best. Lovely pictures entice you to make even lovelier recipes.
  • food52 is a food community, with recipes and articles submitted by users and vetted by chefs. 
  • 101cookbooks is a lovely blog gone pro with a focus on healthy recipes.
  • Lastly, foodily is a social recipe search site. Enter an ingredient, a recipe, something you don't want to cook with, and a list of recipes with images and search suggestions appears. Nicely done!


Lynn Schweikart said…
Hi Laura:

Love this post. I want to add some of my favorite food blogs to your list:

The Wednesday Chef: http://www.thewednesdaychef.com/


Smitten Kitchen

and my own blog, Savoring the Seasons

See you next week!

Lynn Schweikart

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